I am a Creative Facilitator, Experience Designer, and Culture Coachsultant.

My work lives at the intersection of:

  • Culture & Leadership Development

  • Creative Expression & Experience Design

  • Transformational Healing & Love

Creative Consultant, DSIL Global (September 2017 to Present)

DSIL (Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership) is a Bangkok-based coaching and consulting company that is dedicated to building creative capacity in people so that they can build innovation, together. 

DSIL Consulting serves teams in progressive companies working to learn design thinking as a process for development and as a path for innovation. As experiential learning addicts, we use real-time problems present in the workplace to make learning stick. DSIL has a team full of wisdom and ideas and offers other consulting in complex problem-solving, d.thinking and progressive facilitation.

For high impact leaders, we offer the DSIL Course. This Vertical Leadership Development Program (certified by UPEACE, the United Nations University for Peace) is a 5-month executive short course for busy high-impact leaders. Selected participants will be seriously challenged and equally supported in a variety of dynamic learning environments to cultivate the future skills and mindsets needed to lead in an ever-evolving and complex world.


Culture Coachsultant @ Delivering Happiness  (February 2014 - Present)

DH has evolved from a New York Times® Best Seller to the world’s first Culture coach|sulting™ [coaching + consulting] company. From the early days of Zappos to the 350+ organizations we’ve impacted around the world, DH has been pioneering the way. Backed by the science of happiness and positive psychology, as well as best practices from successful small teams to Fortune 100 companies, DH has developed universal frameworks that build values-based and purpose-driven workplace cultures with humans at the center. We’re here to help engage your employees to create happier, sustainable cultures for a more profitable business.

  • Coaches and consults worldwide with clients to transform their organizational cultures and bring their visions to life.

  • Collaborates on experiential learning content based on the science of happiness, positive psychology, and best practices from working with 200+ companies in 30+ countries worldwide.

  • Supports global engagement and growth through community, marketing, partnerships, and business development

  • Led values-based, purpose-driven learning and development internally for DH for two years.


Summit Logistics Lead (October 2018 - January 2019) 

The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, BALLE (pronounced “bahl-ee”), represents thousands of communities and conveners, entrepreneurs, investors and funders who are defying business as usual.

BALLE’S mission is to create local economies that work for all.

As we scan the horizon, we see gaps across systems. Dots to connect. We spark and deepen relationships among a growing movement of people using business to create healthy, equitable communities. Fierce love and confidence in our Local Economy Framework drives us.

Creating an economy that works for all is challenging, complex, and required. While our current systems are breaking down, there is an emergent ecosystem of models and successes to build on. We highlight those stories and the people, places, businesses, and organizations that are bringing the new economy to life.

My role is to oversee the logistics for the annual BALLE Summit. With the theme of “SHIFT CAPITAL”, we are gathering local economy leaders from our communities of practice at this invitational event. Our work to build healthy, equitable local economies is complex. Many different people must come together, explore their relationships to each other, and coordinate across the ecosystem that makes up a community, to address shared challenges. Together we will strategize on how to accelerate the flow of financial and social capital to the visionary leaders who are doing critical work on the ground across North America.


Lead Organizer/Love Orchestrator, Tantra Heart (September 2018 - Present) 

Tantra is a branch of esoteric yogic traditions that include an embrace of the material/natural world as well as the spiritual world.  Tantra stems from Hinduism and Buddhism and is a "system of observances" about the vision of humans and the cosmos where correspondences between the inner world of the person and the macrocosmic reality play an essential role. 

Tantra Heart Workshops come from the teachings of HariPrem Swami and influenced by various teachers and traditions around the world including Taoism and Shamanism. Tantra Heart Workshops include meditations, conscious touch, Taoist energy activations, dance, and shamanic clearing rituals to guide people deeper into the embodiment of bliss and love. 

My role at Tantra Heart is to oversee all business operations, communication, marketing and relationship development for Tantra Heart retreats and festivals. Join our next 8 day Tantric & Shamanic retreat, ECSTATIC LOVE, this January 11-18th or our upcoming 5 day festival, the Journey of Love, February 28th-March 4th in Koh Phangan, Thailand.



Director of Operations, CO+HOOTS (March 2012 - July 2013) 

The first and largest of its kind, CO+HOOTS is a supercharger for innovation. It is the collaboration of a talented, highly inspirational community that makes the CO+HOOTS model succeed. CO+HOOTS was recently named the No. 1 most innovative coworking space in the U.S., the No. 1 overall coworking space in Arizona, the No. 2 overall in the nation and No. 9 in the world. At CO+HOOTS freelance creatives, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses of all areas flock to be part of the growing vibrancy of downtown Phoenix.

As Director of Operations, I grew CO+HOOTS coworking from 25 members to over 125 in less than two years. In my multi-dimensional role, I led all business strategy and operations including marketing, sales, partnerships, and community engagement producing 48 on-site events.


Community Activator, Advisor @ Ignite International (July 2013 - February 2014)                    

The E-Harmony for business and career...matching talent to opportunity. Ignite's revolutionary technology increases clarity, control and confidence in individuals and companies when determining the ideal career role. Ignite online course delivers a digital journey of exploration and discovery, providing powerful insights into how, why and where individuals will have the greatest success and happiness.

As Ignite's Community Activator, I developed a growth program and community for purpose-driven leaders for people to develop their career paths and connect with like-minded change leaders post-assessment. Online, I launched a community platform to provide resources, tools, and deeper customer engagement. In person, I led monthly mastermind meetings to facilitate goal-setting, collaboration and networking. Our most highly attended and celebrated event was our sold out launch event Today's the Day You'll Question Everything, which included four guest speakers and 350 attendees. 


Coworking Consultant, MAC6 (September 2013 - June 2014) 

With a mission is to build better communities to elevate humanity and eliminate extreme poverty, MAC6 is a team of entrepreneurial investors and strategic implementors who bring both insight and capital to the table. MAC6 "invests in people, not ideas" and works with entrepreneurs and leaders to expand their conscious leadership, sharper their definition of higher purpose, and embrace a mission that goes well beyond their own company. To do all this, it takes the help of people who live and breathe Conscious Capitalism and who aim to make a difference in the world.

As a Consultant, I coached the MAC6 leadership team to develop a community-oriented culture as they launched "Conscious Coworking", a new coworking business model. In six months, we architected the vision and strategy, then integrated it into their organizational systems. Three months post-launch we filled all 40 office spaces.


Account Manager, Rain Visual Strategy + Design (September 2010 - August 2011) 

Through strategy-centered storytelling, Rain Visual Strategy + Design generates compelling visual strategies and solutions which help clients grow. Rain Visual Strategy + Design is an innovative, accomplished team of thoughtful design, programming and marketing communication specialists. 

At Rain, I started as an Account Management intern and was promoted to Account Manager within six months. As an Account Manager, I communicated and executed project coordination in a cross-functional environment with 20+ clients and 4 designers.  I worked to improve project management system for estimates, timelines and design scopes for 50+ design projects with sales of $100,000. My role also included organizing and leading internal project meetings to ensure design deadlines were met. My favorite aspect of my position was providing art direction to senior designers for brand positioning, corporate identity and interactive media campaigns.