Wherever you are. Whatever you’re gong through, you are acceptable.

You don’t need to do anything to be acceptable. You don’t need to change anything to be acceptable. You existing makes you acceptable.

Acceptable is the state of being accepted, the root word in Latin is “accepto” meaning to receive something willingly.

Being human in a world full of what feels like endless pressure and illusion isn’t easy. We get caught up in our own neurosis or others and think there is something "wrong" with us. We experience a breakdown and we feel we are not strong enough, not smart enough, or some form of not good enough and that is just not true.

But it’s hard to receive that message willingly when you’re struggling and life can feel fucking hard. Even the lives that appear the “most exciting” have their shadows. Facebook posts are only the tip of the iceberg. Often even the most open people are hiding in plain sight or only showing the first layer of their Russian dolls.

Mental, emotional, and spiritual health is an ongoing practice. The return to love is an everlasting journey.

We all need support, someone to care, someone to ask us how we’re REALLY doing when we automatically say “I’m good!” too fast.

Are you really good?

Well maybe you’re not “bad” and you didn’t think anyone had time to listen to how you feel or maybe you haven’t even had your own time to ask yourself how you feel. It seems the train keeps moving regardless of our emotional state. We think “sucking it up” builds resilience but it really just puts up walls and barriers to the heart.

It’s difficult to be honest and even more so to be vulnerable. I’ll speak for myself, I’m actively creating a life I've dreamed of, working and traveling in Southeast Asia and Australia. It’s been amazing but it’s also been exhausting. I feel deep sadness and wild aliveness, I feel liberated and displaced, clear and confused, on fire and flirting with burnout. I feel like I have no idea how I’m going to deliver on all of my commitments. I often feel stretched to my limits.

My emotional range is vast; I feel many things. We all do, some just have an easier time articulating it. But feeling these things and the ebbs and flows of life doesn’t necessarily mean something is “wrong”.

Why are we conditioned to believe that everything other than rosy is wrong? It’s the critical flaw of the dualistic mind and conditioned self (and that’s a whole other topic, see Samadhi: Part 1: Maya, The Illusion of Self).

I believe we have the capacity to hold space for our emotional range and those of others. I believe we have the capacity to love and be loved in our entirety. I believe we are all acceptable and that to feel that way we need support, love, and a sense of belonging.

To experience acceptance of oneself is an active practice of self-compassion, forgiveness, and loving kindness. To share this with another is to give and receive grace.

So may this serve as reminder that you are loved and you are accepted, just as you are.

And that the person next to you or far from you or that you've thought about but haven't reached out to yet may need this reminder too <3.

With love and kindness,