What mask do you wear?

The best part of my day was posing this question during our team All Hands Call:

What mask do you wear? And how might you bring your whole self to the table?

My mask is called "People Pleasing Martyr dressed up as a Life of the Party Leader". I have often energized others at the expense of zapping my own energy. I have volunteered for things I didn't need to seeking validation. I have diluted my personality and opinions in order to be conscious and PC. On the road to being a "good person" and becoming "my best self", I picked up this mask and thought it was me.

To bring my whole self to the table, I ask you all to encourage me to say "no", maybe even "hell no!". I ask you all to remind me to, "Keep it Real and Keep it Funky". 

I wasn't sure how this level of realness would go, but every person shared openly and courageously. I realized even a team who's #1 value is "Be True to Your Weird Self" can struggle with masks. Whether it was a mask of "calm cool and collected" when really you're freaking out on the inside or "Be tough, you can do it" when you're more sensitive than you'd like to admit and you could use some help, I was so inspired by the level of self awareness and emotional intelligence from the group.

These 10 minutes of openness reminded me that this is what I live for: creating space for meaningful conversations. Being vulnerable so people may be their whole selves.

So I turn to you, what mask do you wear? and how might you bring your whole self to the table?