Work is love made visible.

"Work is love made visible.” — Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

The average human works ~91,000 hours, which is 35% of our total waking hours [assuming you sleep 8 hours/night and work 40 hours/week]. If I am going to dedicate that much of my life to something, I want it to matter.

You see, I don’t believe in work/life balance, to me that means work and life are two separate things. My philosophy is you have one life and work is a significant part of it.

Until we evolve, people will continue to ask “what do you do?” instead of “who are you?” So I want what I do to show you who I am. I want my values and purpose to align with my organization’s values and purpose. I want my work to energize/give to me as much as I energize/give to it. I want my work to be an expression of love.

My purpose: to expand consciousness and transform lives and communities worldwide.

Delivering Happiness' purpose: to inspire passion + purpose at work for a happier world.