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Centre Artistique International ROY HART , Château de Malerargues

“We are not transforming. We are becoming more of who we truly are.” ~ ‎Alfred Wolfsohn, German Vocalizer

I am slowly coming off the acid trip, emotional rollercoaster, magical mysterious metamorphosis of a journey that is POWER OF VOICE at Centre Artistique International ROY HART with Midderigh Vox.


What is Power of Voice? PoV is a leadership course of sorts that takes you into the deep unknown through the vehicle of voice.

For me, PoV has been exciting, terrifying, enlivening, exhausting, highly expressive, rejuvenating, fun and CHALLENGING all at the same time. A voyage of self-discovery that included: singing, storytelling, vocal exploration, voice coaching, theater improvisation, expanding of emotional range, somatic movement + embodiment practices and more!

Roy Hart Theater voice coaching!

Roy Hart Theater voice coaching!

Though the journey was intense, the scenery is revitalizing and inspiring. Set in a chateau amongst beautiful greenery and the rolling hills of southern France makes this an ideal setting to learn and grow.

What I find most fascinating about this place is its legendary origin story. In 1974, the Roy Hart Theatre was co-created by the blood, sweat and tears of 49 crazy souls from 15 countries who uprooted their lives to pursue an "IMPOSSIBLE DREAM”.

Some of the original founders of the Roy Hart Theater.

Some of the original founders of the Roy Hart Theater.

Their dream was to leave their day jobs and to live, work, and perform together full-time. After much searching, they were fortunate to find a chateau in ruin to rebuild and reform. They didn’t have much money so it took 25 years to pay off and even longer to put it together but today, the Roy Hart Theater has realized its dream and hosts workshops, courses, and performances throughout the year.


Much loved by actors and artists for their unique method of voice coaching, the Roy Hart work is based on a history of more than 80 years of research, study and practice of the human voice without boundaries. The teachers have a special ability to help people to unlock the power in each person’s voice. Through this process of self-discovery people uncover more and more of not just their vocal range but of who they really are.


And while I am still swimming in the echoes of this journey and soaking in the realization that I am a fully-flawed human being, I can say with absolute confidence that despite my resistance, kicking and screaming, I am glad I came.

Thank you to Siobhán McCann for bringing me here and for both your and Ivan Midderigh's guidance and energy. Though I knew very little up front, I am coming out with a renewed sense of self and a crystal clear recognition and respect for the Power of Voice.

Merci Beaucoup Mes Amies!

With love,