I have a lot to learn about life.

I think I know some things but the truth is I’m only touching the surface.

The world is vast.

They say God speaks in silence and everything else is a poor translation.

So I wonder, what can we learn from silence?

I suspect many things. In society, if you don’t have a voice you are considered weak. At an early age, our very survival depends on our ability to cry out.

Silence can also be dangerous. People and the planet suffering in silence. Many of us who notice look away because we don’t know what to do or too afraid to act on what we know. 

For a long time, I’ve found strength in having a voice. I found that my voice is what got me through countless life situations and provided a direct channel to my heart. Over the last several years my channels have opened to receive messages from my higher self, guardian angels, and Source itself.

I have given these energies a voice.

But I’ve also had times of forced silence where I’ve lost my voice. At first, it was difficult and felt like a punishment. Partly because of societal conditions and partly because time out or being grounded was the preferred method of punishment growing up.

But then I found peace in silence. I found the world opened to me in an entirely new way. I felt so relieved to not have to talk. I felt like people who were willing to engage with me understood me in a whole new way. The three or four times this has happened have been some of the most revelatory experiences of my life.

My dad always said the only thing that will get you in trouble is your mouth. And I get that, I overpromise and under deliver, I commit to things I know are unlikely for me to live up to. Why do I do this to myself and others?

Simply put, I’m afraid. Afraid that if I don’t I won’t be lovable or good enough. I make the same mistake over and over that other people’s happiness is dependent on me. That their state of being is contingent on me. The truth is it isn’t. But I do have a responsibility to be in integrity with my word. Every time I don’t keep my word it means less and less which makes me try more and more but I’ve set myself up for failure.

My word is my wand. My voice is my truth. It has an impact in many ways I’ll never fully know. So perhaps it’s time to think before I speak. To choose silence and wisdom over the need to control conversations and be liked. 

Time to try a new way.

So let's begin with silence.