Listen to the essence of life.

I have loved like the tide 🌊
The way it swallows you whole
Filling you without asking permission

I have loved like the trees 🌳
Expanding into your light
Rooted in your darkness
Without concern or judgment

I have loved like the ancient rocks ⛰
Solid and unwavering support
Like we would last forever

I have loved like the breeze 💨
Dancing across your skin
Swirling, sometimes sharp
Fierce and howling

I have loved from the first spark 🔥
To the last golden flame

No one really taught me how to love, how to listen, how to be

I guess my parents did in their own way

But Mother Earth and Father Sky are the true teachers during our temporary stay here

How we crave love, purpose, and connection and how society in its complexity separates, divides, and controls us. 

Our collective purpose on this planet is to tend to Mother Earth. That's it.

So simple. 🌏

To live in balance. To be in harmony. To coexist.

How hard it must be for Father Sky to watch his children relentlessly hurt their Mother.
But I guess when you give someone a gift you have no control over what they do with it.

These are our lessons. This is our karma.

Somehow even with the rate of human destruction, Mother Earth continues to give, nurture and grow. Humans try to fight over her. Claim her. Reserve her for the privileged few.

She is no one's. She IS ONE.

How little we know about home. How rarely we listen.
There are thousands of public speaking and writing courses but what about listening?

How can we expect and demand to speak when we cannot hear?

Carved by  Jasmin Power

Carved by Jasmin Power

Listen to the essence of life.

What is she sharing with you? Are you open to receiving it? Do you remember?

Release your stories, conditioning, programming, all of it.

Let it go and realize in nothingness you have everything.

Food. Water. Shelter. Love.
What else is there than this?🌱