Human Existence is just a breath.

Today I attended the Celebration of Life of a father, son, brother, cousin, friend taken too soon in a tragic car accident. Terry Tom was an extended relative and I didn’t know him well but I was deeply touched by the way his family put his service together.

Celebration of Life is really the most accurate way to express it. We celebrated and honored Terry through songs, poems, and stories. His passion for music, love for food, and devotion to family filled the room. His lively laughter and beaming smile poured into the hearts of each life he touched. You could really feel the warmth of his presence.

Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.” That rang true today. All who knew Terry described him as a good man with a humble, loving, and compassionate soul. Someone who would be truly missed.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment was seeing Terry's kids Bryan, Jason, and Morgan sing "One Call Away" and hearing his wife, Linda share "An Ode to Terry".

An Ode to Terry written by wife, Linda Tom.

An Ode to Terry written by wife, Linda Tom.

When the pastor spoke, he reminded us that Human Existence is just a breath.

We are given the gift of life and it is our choice how we live it.

He encouraged us to be inspired by Terry's life and to turn our “when’s” into “now’s”. Instead of thinking, “when” I get this I’ll do that or “when” this happens I’ll pursue that, he said, "the time for living is now."

Our days are numbered. 

Tomorrow is not promised and life is more than a mundane flipping of the calendar. 

Our existence is both minuscule and significant, a blip on eternity’s timeline.

"Are you really too busy?" He asked.

Another way to look at it he said, "if you had one month left to live, what would you do with your time? What relationship would you make amends with? What special someone would you tell you love them? Who would you thank?"

Life is a precious gift. Human existence is just a breath. 

Will you live yours to the fullest?

Light x love x peace to the family and friends of Terry Tom.

With gratitude,


Below are a few songs played in Terry's honor.



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I’m changing a lot.

I can barely keep up with myself. The more I learn, the more I realize how much more I have to learn. The more I grow, the more I realize how much hungrier I am to grow.

I find myself tripped up because even with all of this growing, I’ll try to “play on an old level”, which is what I call it when I revert back to a habit or pattern from my past self. For example, growing up I always loved to play dress up and I became super passionate about fashion design. From age 5 to 23, I collected as many clothes, shoes, and accessories as my closets would allow. In 2011, I backpacked for three months through Europe and could only carry what was on my back. I realized then that I am not what I wear, that no outfit will ever give me the confidence that truly loving myself will, and that the best accessories were my smile and personality.

Knowing that lesson, as I grow forward and transition into new levels of being, my ego can feel insecure. It will play the comparison game and I’ll get swept backwards onto that old level of searching for fulfillment through material goods. What I’m really craving is love, inspiration, and connection but somehow I’ll end up searching for it in stores. It feels familiar, it feels comfortable, but nothing really “fits”. Not just physically, though, my body has completely changed. But I realize that all of these brands are trying to tell me who I am and represent their vision through me and as much as I try to find myself through their vision, I don’t see it. I realize now, it’s not a game my soul is meant to play. My soul has evolved.

Don’t get me wrong; I love feeling, being, and looking radiant. I am inspired by wearable art and I am the first to complement someone’s style. I also understand that my definition of self has changed and I am not going to find myself in a store. I am only going to manifest items that express or complement my aura.

And what is my aura?

You will know my aura, not by what I wear, or how I look but how you feel when you’re around me. You will feel my aura through the boldness in my spirit. You will hear my aura through the clarity in my voice. You will see my aura in my 300watt smile.

And together, we will play on another level called BEING HUMAN and let me say, it’s the best one I’ve [re]discovered yet.

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Aura captured by: Regina Felice Garcia Photography <3