I don’t know how else to express this feeling welling in my heart. In short, my heart is beaming. Beaming with the gift of this existence. If at first I was fighting with life, today I am flowing, surrendering, and learning to trust again.

I ask the Universe many things. Every morning I ask to be a vessel. A vessel of light and love, a beacon of hope and truth, an instrument and spirit of generosity.

I ask to experience love in all forms. To remove as many barriers to the heart as possible and to help others do the same.

Then life hands me what I perceive as obstacles and the mind asks, WHY WHY WHY? I thought I already did this work, this isn’t what I asked for!

But what if we suspend that judgment? What if the “challenges” we receive are EXACTLY what we’ve asked for in a form we hadn’t considered yet.

What if these aren’t obstacles but divine lessons providing exactly what we need for our souls to evolve?

What if we stopped fighting and started trusting? How might we love and accept these obstacles and watch the suffering melt away?

What if we shifted our perspective, from the mentality where we have to fight for everything towards a posture of surrender, of gifting and receiving?

Imagine living in a world where we are free to give without needing anything in return. No matching. No accounting. Trusting in ourselves, one another, and the Divine that our needs will be met and that it’s okay for things to be easy. Effortless. Natural.

The simple but profound recognition that we are of infinite value. Each of us. Not from a position of self absorption but from a place of grace.

That yes, we can and will still stand up for what we believe in. That we will pursue work that meets the inner and outer worlds needs AND that we can also do absolutely nothing, that being in integrity with ourselves is more than enough.

So today I break the chains and take a swing of faith. I liberate myself from needing to know everything and trust in the divine orchestration unfolding.

Today I surrender and let my heart beam.

With gratitude and grace,


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