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Six years ago, I was gifted the name “Lotus” 🌸by a past love . He was my reason for going to Burning Man 🔥 and in that magical desert I found Lotus for myself. 

Lotus is a Heroine, an Adventuress, a symbol of rebirth and transformation I had never seen before. Living into her name and spirit helped me expand, deepen and open a wild world of magic, wonder, and possibility I hadn’t seen before 🌈🔮📿. I felt the unlimited love flowing through her veins. She set my soul on fire. We joined forces. We became one.🌛🦋🌜

But in becoming her, I began to deny me. I didn’t like the name “Kelsey”, I didn’t appreciate who I was, where I came from, nothing was good enough, I wanted and expected more. I feared being ordinary and became greedy thinking I had to be better. Traveling across the world searching for more.


Today, through working with my coach, I revealed the truth. I saw the delusion I’ve been living in. The mind’s projection, a duality and unacceptance of self. My coach said, “I understand you want to grow but I don’t understand what was so wrong with who you were?”

And while everything in my path has been meaningful, beautiful, and I have no regrets. I see that in my urgent quest for reinvention and rebirth, I lost who I am.

So rather than striving for perfection I am choosing acceptance and realness. To accept myself for who I am as I am in this moment now. Who am I? I am that I am. I am free flowing universal love. What I wear, where I live, what I do, that will all change but love, love is eternal. Love is totality. Love has no bounds. Love is the present moment. Love is being happy, healthy, and fully alive. Love is all embracing, all encompassing, all loving no matter what.

So today, I ask the Divine for forgiveness for denying the perfection of its creation. I forgive myself for expecting more and loving less. And I accept my ordinary extraordinary ness as it is. I am as I am. And I’m happy with that. 😊🙃

May you be at peace and ENJOY🐛YOUR 🦋SELF exactly as you are. Perfectly imperfect, it’s all okay.

With light, love, and liberation,

Kelsey 🌸 Wong

Photography skills: Jamen Percy


Love Lost & Found | Part II: Love is a Mystery


Love Lost & Found.

What could me more worthy of dedicating space to than love?

Sharing stories, symbols and suffering from love lost. Discovering hope, belonging, acceptance from love found. I've written a three part series dedicated to these insights. 

  • Part I: Love is a skill [here]. 
  • Part II: Love is a mystery [this post!].
  • Part III: Great love and great achievement require great risk [to be published].

So here goes Part II...

"Love is a Mystery. We’ll learn what life is as we go.
No maps, no guides, or answers." — Max Mendoza

Love fascinates me. My favorite stories are love stories. How people met. What drew them to one another. How they knew that person was their person. How their love grew. Their favorite things about one another. How it feels to wake up in the other’s arms. What lessons they’ve learned from one another. What gifts they’ve shared. What challenges they’ve faced together. What’s their vision? What’s next?

All of it.

Some people call that being nosey. I call it being passionately curious.

Studies show that sharing these stories releases oxytocin. People experience gratitude and joy as they reflect on some of the most meaningful moments of their lives.

Sometimes when I ask couples these questions, they have never heard one another share these feelings so deeply or tell these stories so vividly.

One of my favorite moments was at Burning Man this past year. I befriended a group of “technicolor teddy bears”, we were all wearing technicolor fur coats and became a crew.

There were two bears named Astonish Bear and Beastie Bear. At first, I didn’t realize they were a couple, then I sensed something and asked one of the other bears. She smiled and said, “they’re Care Bears.”


We all cuddled up together and I said to Astonish and Beastie, “You’re Care Bears.” They looked at each other, smiled, and said, “Yes, we are.”

I asked Beastie Bear how they met.

They met in Tennessee. He hosted a Burner dinner party and Astonish Bear was invited by a friend. He saw her and it was like time stood still. She astonished him.

Her beauty, her energy, the way she lit up a room.


She started hosting events in the area too. She even led the first regional Burn in Tennessee, mostly by herself.

You could hear the admiration in his Tennessee twang as he spoke.

But the best part was seeing the way she looked at him while he told his love story about her.

“She’s my Playa Queen,” he said.

It was pure beauty.

I could hardly bare (no pun intended) the love and delight I felt in my heart from being able to witness their connection.

I felt like I got to soak in their lovecuzzi (love jacuzzi) for a moment. Bubbles and everything!


Feeling safe, love, and accepted by a special someone is no small thing.

Looking into the well of someone else’s soul. Starting into the eternity of their eyes. Feeling the warmth of their skin on yours. Lying entangled in a web of affection. Seeing them at their worst and loving them even more for it.

There’s nothing else like it.

My first love told me, beauty is meant to be shared.

And your beloved is someone to share the mystery of love with.

With love lost & found,



Dearest Newly Sparked First Time Burners,

Congratulations on saying YES to this life-changing adventure. I am ecstatic to share with you something I love so much. If you haven’t already, start getting really really excited for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE.

You’ve got some work to do in order to get yourself ready (BM is August 28th-September 4th), but it’s part of the journey and in my experience, worth every second / penny / ounce of energy!

I’ve organized this Starter Kit into three parts:

1.     INTRODUCTION – what is Burning Man? and what’s your why?

2.     INSPIRATION – what others have discovered on the playa 

3.     PREPARATION – what to do and how to get there


What is Burning Man?

Burning Man is many things…it’s a blank canvas of infinite possibilities, it’s a catalyst for never-before-seen creativity, and it’s a sacred container of radical self-expression and wholeness. Every Burner will have their own unique experience and different reasons for WHY they come (or don’t come back) every year.

The way I like to describe Burning Man is this: Imagine a call was put out to the most creative tribes on the planet, a call to build your dream civilization for a week in the desert. No government, no capitalism, no constraints. Now imagine 60,000 people answered that call and gathered all their most treasured gifts and potent energy to share in this once-in-a-lifetime experience that happens every year.

And finally, imagine one of those magical, wonderful, beautiful, lit-up and fully alive people is YOU.

Now before you get down and dirty with the details, start with clarity on your WHY.

  • Ask yourself WHY am I going to Burning Man?

  • What is my intention?
  • What is my desire?
  • What within me is asking to be revealed or ignited?
  • What am I willing to let burn away?
  • Who am I willing to be or let go of?
  • Why spend all of this insane time, energy, and money to willingly roll around in the blazing hot and freezing cold barren desert for a week of my precious life?

Only you can answer these questions so before you get into the thick of planning, take the time to clarify your vision and your why. Everything is energy and if yours is pure and true, it will make the manifestation and preparation process so much smoother and more enjoyable.

Now it’s time to soak in more of the Burner culture and get inspired by other’s why’s.



Spark Trailer - "The portraits here offer West Coast idealism and conviction coupled with an extravagant aesthetic vision. Since we can't all attend Burning Man, we can be thankful for "Spark," which is probably the next best thing."





  1. TICKET – There are multiple ways to get a ticket. Directly from Burning Man Ticket Sale is always best but you can also get lucky and manifest tickets through friends or friends of friends. I haven’t been able to get tickets directly from the BM Sale. The first year I didn’t decide I was going until 2 weeks before and the tickets came. The key here is COMMITMENT to going as well as a willingness to SURRENDER to that which is not in your control. Create a vision, set an intention, put out your feelers, and then let it go! Note: typically people start to bail 1-2 months out of BM and there are often a FLURRY of extra tickets and Vehicle Passes. Trust and hold true!
  2. CAMP – There are hundreds of camps at BM and while you can go on your own, I recommend joining one. Every camp has a unique offering and different requirements. Ask Burners you know who they camp with and see if you can join one of their camps. You can also go rogue and get your own parking pass and post up in an open spot. I know many self-sufficient people who prefer this. In the past I've camped with IDEATE out of SF and now CAMP WALTER based out of Phoenix. 
  3. ACCOMMODATIONS – There are so many ways to live out there and I’ve tried a few, I’ve stayed in an air-conditioned shipping container (NICE!), an airstream (also NICE!), and I’ve pitched my own tent (not as nice but much easier!). Other people build yurts, rent ice-fishing tents, or take RV’s. I have some research on this in my packing list.
  4. TRANSPORTATION - I’ve gone up a few different ways, I’ve caught a ride in an RV, caravanned in an airstream, and taken the Burner Express. If you’re self-sufficient, low-maintenance and coming from San Francisco or Reno, the easiest and fairly inexpensive route is the Burner Express. If you decide to drive in via an RV or otherwise, you'll need a Vehicle Pass.
  5. FOOD & WATER – For me, I don’t go for a foodie 5-star experience. I take the essentials and some favorite goodies. Your meal possibilities also depend on your access to electricity and power. I don’t fuss with a generator, I bring a pop up stove, lots of soups, and then things like hummus, salsa, chips, avocados, apples, oranges, etc (see my full packing list for details). Water! Important. Bring 1-1.5 liters/day and YOU MUST MUST have a Camelpack. That is your lifeline out there, stay hydrated with electrolytes.
  6. BIKES - In Black Rock City, people get around primarily by bike or art car. Many Super Burners (experienced burners) have other cool means like segways dressed as sea horses but bikes are the norm. I recommend an inexpensive bike with big tires, a mountain bike or beach cruiser will do. I got mine at a Bike CO-OP, it's a used kids mountain bike for $40 - can't beat that! I recommend you also get some kind of horn, squeeky toy or noise maker of some sort (great when you can't see during dust storms but you can hear!) also a lock to keep it safe and a golf ball to put on your kick stand so it stands up easily. 
  7. PACKING – BIG note about packing, I always seem to overpack and over-prepare, which later feels like a waste of time and money. What I’ve learned out on the playa is you don’t really need much. Yes, you need to survive but it’s amazing how little is TRULY necessary. Also, in the moment, I usually forget that I even brought half of what I have. KEEP IT SIMPLE. That said, I’ve put together an extensive list over the years that I’ve adopted from another Master Pack list. This is my Updated Pack List (same one I've listed previously).
  8. GIFTING - Gifting is a huge part what makes Burning Man amazing. This is an opportunity to get creative with a meaningful gift that you'd like to share with the community. I've made hand-stamped intention bracelets and received mini Burning Man dust globes. This article has some good information about gifting. 
  9. OVERALL COST - This will be dependent on your needs but I suggest putting aside about $2,000 for your first go. $400 for the ticket, $1000 for transportation and accommodations. $600 for food, water and supplies. I've seen people spend upwards of $10,000 and others on a minimal low end of $1,000. Though you won't be spending any $ when you arrive, the cost to get there is another story. This may trigger you and feel like a bunch of privileged bs and I would say you're right but BM has also activated in me more power and energy than I could possibly describe. And if it's calling you and you can afford it or even if you can't, figure it out, GO!
  10. POST-BURN DECOMPRESSION - Here is an amazing Post-Playa tips list from BM. For your decompression, if you can take 5-7 days off after the Burn, you'll thank yourself for it. I've not given myself this time and space in the past and really regretted it. Be kind to yourself and allow for a smooth and gentle integration. The culture shock is real. A lot of people go to Tahoe or Reno after the burn. There are also a number of post-burn events, like the Dust-Off and official BM Decompression in SF.

Having just inhaled all of that, take a moment to breathe...

I imagine you’re feeling a range of emotions from ECSTATIC to OVERWHELMED. I get it. You don’t need to read all of this or do all of this. I’ve put this together after three burns and I don’t follow it all. But it’s there to support you and so is the entire Burning Man community.

So be kind and gentle with yourself.

Remember your WHY.

Have a little faith and trust in the process. After all, we’re not in control, the Universe is the master orchestrator and it supports us in all ways.

Final note and special shout out of gratitude to the majestic Jeremy Watson who assembled the original welcome email that turned into this Starter Kit. Thank you to Jeremy and many other Burner friends who have contributed to my experience year after year. Your generosity has been unbelievable, THANK YOU 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

Big love x light and see you all in the dust!


Burning Man 2016: A Heroine’s Journey

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.
I ask myself, was it all A beautiful dream?

Two weeks back in the default world. The reintegration has been relatively gentle. I have a heartner, a job, and a support system that love and accept me.

But something has changed.

The biggest change and REVELATION for me from the playa this year is: I love and accept myself.

What an unbelievable relief and gift.

I feel INpowered. I feel showered in self-love and affection. I feel more clarity about my purpose and next steps than ever. I trust myself and my sensibilities. I have a direct line to the Universe.

It is remarkable.

Declaration of Self Love,  Jamen Percy Photography

Declaration of Self Love, Jamen Percy Photography

The best way to share my journey to this revelation is through story and though each burner's journey is unique, we are all experiencing our own hero’s/heroine’s journey.

You may not have heard of the Hero’s Journey explicitly, but you know it very well. Joseph Campbell, an American mythological researcher, wrote a famous book called “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” and coined the term “hero’s journey”. This book was a manifestation of his lifelong research in studying common patterns in hero myths and stories from around the world. That research led him to discover a singular/universal arc of basic stages that almost every hero/heroine-quest goes through (no matter what culture). He calls it the monomyth and every story from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Dante & the Inferno, Finding Nemo, Mulan, Lion's King, etc. follows this arc.

What is even more amazing to me is that we are living OUR OWN HERO’S & HEROINE’S JOURNEYS.

Hero's Journey,  Wikipedia

Hero's Journey, Wikipedia

First step is the Call to Adventure.

For some it’s no question, they answer the call immediately, they’ve been going to Burning Man for years or they know for certain they’re going this year.

Though I've answered the call twice before, every year is different and I realized to go this year that I’d really have to get it together and prepare on my own since the Soul Fam Soup crew I loved going with last year had disassembled.

Two months to the burn and I didn’t have a ticket, accommodation, or transportation. I contemplated “refusing the call” – I really didn’t have to go, I was content in THE KNOWN WORLD, my current reality. I have a fulfilling job, a loving and supportive partner, I live in my dream city. I’ve worked hard to get here and yet I could feel myself being ushered forward. I knew the high frequency and potent magic of the playa was calling my name and so I snapped out of it! 

Jeremy Orion Watson, The Mentor or "Yoda",  I Must Be Dead

Jeremy Orion Watson, The Mentor or "Yoda", I Must Be Dead

Once the heroine crosses the THRESHOLD and is committed to leaving the Known World, they come across a MENTOR.

This Mentor or “Yoda” is a seasoned traveler of the Known and Unknown worlds who gives him or her training, equipment, or advice that will help on the journey. In this case, that “Yoda” was Jeremy Watson, longtime burner, fulltime magician, and Leader at Camp Walter (where I’d be camping this year) who became a source of courage, wisdom, and even found me a TICKET to go.

As I prepared, I was still worried about going alone. I was holding onto the past and super bummed the Soul Fam Soup crew was no more. But things are temporary, that’s part of what you learn at Burning Man and I realized it was less about WHO I was with and more about HOW I wanted to feel.

What did I want to feel? SAFE & LOVED.

The " My Intent " playa gifts I handmade this year

The "My Intent" playa gifts I handmade this year

Once that was clear, ALLIES and HELPERS CAME THROUGH.

I asked my badass friend, Lea Artis to join me (Note: asking someone to go to Burning Man with you is like asking them to marry you, it’s a big deal). Thankfully, she said, “I do!” 

Lea "So Pro" Artis

Lea "So Pro" Artis

Then to my delight, one of my Soul Brothers, Jaymin Patel told me he would be camping in Camp Walter too! Two weeks before, the cherry on top was Troy Swanson aka “Genie,” a dear friend and world traveler who I rarely see (because he lives in Amsterdam, Spain, and India) said he too would be joining Camp Walter.


Three days before I planned to leave, I had my Spiritual Coach or “Soul Godmother,” do a biofeedback session on me. Based on quantum physics, biofeedback provides powerful insight into your subconscious and enables a recalibration of your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social, and environmental wellbeing. I’ve been working with her for 7 years (more on biofeedback here).

When she worked on me, one of the heightened emotions I was experiencing was fear.

Fear can come in many forms and for a heroine in her journey, it is often fear of the UNKNOWN. Specifically for me, it was a fear of not being enough (strong enough, smart enough, deep enough, the irrational enough's go on). These fears culminated into one big fear: Standing on My Own Two Feet (full story here).

I gave myself some grace and pushed my travel date by two days. I listened to my body, I listened to my spirit, I needed some time to recover and work through the fear. I realized just because I could arrive early for the build didn't mean I had to. I needed to do what was right for me. 

Finally, I was ready, packed, and triple-checked.

Black Rock City, Nevada

Black Rock City, Nevada

I rode the Burner Express seven hours from San Francisco to Black Rock City. I left the comforts of the KNOWN World: running water, personal bathrooms, electricity, restaurants, refrigerators, cell service, and a warm bed to survive in the barren desert for a week. By choice.

Upon entering the UNKNOWN World, just like every hero, I crossed the Abyss and experienced a “ROT” or Road of Trials.

I felt enormous anxiety my first night. After I set up my space tent, fear took the driver’s seat and I lay on the floor for nearly two hours om-ing asking myself, WHAT AM I DOING? WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?  Maybe I should just stay in the tent the whole burn!

Sonic Runway synchronized with the speed of sound,  WIDE WALL .

Sonic Runway synchronized with the speed of sound, WIDE WALL.

But the biggest trial I faced involved being separated from Lea in the middle of an unbearably cold, wickedly dusty white-out. It was after Burn Night at 5:00AM on the other side of the playa from Camp Walter.

Lea and I had set out three times to go home and each time it had been too cold, finally we said, “no going back, we got to go.” Less than ten minutes after we left, we were separated.

I couldn’t see her, I couldn’t see anything in front of me or behind me. I froze up with my bike faced with my deepest fear: standing on my own two feet. Literally. All I saw was white. I had a choice – go back or carry on.

I moved forward.

As they say, “the playa provides”.

Within 20 minutes of traveling alone, I stumbled upon a fire den and as I walked up the stairs, to my surprise, I found a Pirate who I had met two nights earlier with her crew of Technicolor Teddy Bears, ALL part of Camp Walter. What are the odds?!

I was instantly embraced because I TOO had a technicolor teddy bear fur coat on. This will have to be its own story because it was wildly amazing but in that moment of radical self-reliance facing my greatest fear, I found a new family. I found a home away from home.

Through that experience, I learned to surrender.

I came to understand that surrender is about LIBERATION, not defeat. I learned that you can be Radically Self-Reliant and Communal simultaneously.

Through that adventure, I stepped into my own inner power and strength, and I was REWARDED with generous, loving, and beautiful people.

This was the most dramatic of my trials, but throughout my time at Black Rock City, the playa provided, whether I was hungry, thirsty, lonely, frustrated, tired, sad, happy, or hurt, my needs were consistently met. My heart warmed and spirit dazzled.

It is difficult to quantify, but what I know to be true is the playa is truly magical.

when you are open to iT, you experience: serendipity, synchronicity, coincidensity–all of it.

  • Michael, Janet, Prince parties
  • Bubbles and Bass for breakfast
  • Sunrise sets at Candyland in the deep playa
  • Whale sounds under painted glass
  • Glorious weddings with unitards, butterflies, and top hats on shark fins
  • The Pirate and the Technicolor Teddy Bears
  • Breakfast at Troyfanny’s
  • Sunset photoshoots and a first kiss that takes your breath away
  • Sake and miso at midnight
  • Fresh flatbread and hot ginger tea
  • Massive margaritas at Human Petting Zoo’s
  • DeMentha mojitos and beats
  • Wok-tossed noodles and electronic waves


  • Walter, Kalliope, Mona Lisa, Big Red and Peace Train
  • Father Time, Brave Heart, Humpty Dumpty, ANDERStand, Flying Disco Squirrel Queen
  • Infinite Mirror Mirror Sister Sister Sisters
  • Fire Dancers, fun-meters, seahorse segways, and TWERKshops
  • Disco Kat Cuddle Puddles
  • Symphonies under strobe lights
  • Merman Space Cowboys on stilts
  • Dusty Rhino, Mayan Warrior, Robot Heart, Pink Mammoth, Disco Fish, and Headspace
  • David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, The Goblin King
  • Howling with wolves at Temple Burn
  • Finding your purpose at Red Lightning
  • Dusty yoga under the Walter Dome 
  • Rituals honoring hero's past and present
  • Sharing your love stories with angels
  • A new leaf, a selenite crystal heart, the right hug at the right time 

The playa magic goes on…

I often say my end game is to live a life rich in experience, and I can honestly say up to this point that Burning Man as a collective experience takes the cake.

It is a true gift. I am returning GRATEFUL, CLEAR, and COURAGEOUS.

Thank you to all my playa peeps for making this an unforgettably moving experience. My mind is expanded. My heart is overflowing. My soul feels whole.

The heroine has found her home.

With dusty love x light,


A Heroine's Journey,  Jamen Percy Photography 2016

A Heroine's Journey, Jamen Percy Photography 2016

A Burning Reflection

We make the hive, they bring the honey. We create just enough order so that this spontaneous, naturally occurring process called culture, which is born of the interactions of people, that no one can plan, and that no one can control, will begin to happen. - Larry Harvey

We make the hive, they bring the honey. We create just enough order so that this spontaneous, naturally occurring process called culture, which is born of the interactions of people, that no one can plan, and that no one can control, will begin to happen. - Larry Harvey

All presence depends on consciousness.

Where there is a depth of awareness, there is a reverence for presence. 

— John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

I’m sitting here feeling incomplete and not fully present.

My physical body is here in my new home. One foot is on the hardwood floors. The other foot is under my leg on my grey canvas couch. My brain is telling me I’m in Oakland, California, breathing in fresh Oakland air on 37th street.

But my heart, my spirit, my soul, my entire being doesn’t accept it. I am still on the playa…

Can an experience rock your whole world, then send you right back from where you came, only to leave you wondering, did that really happen?

Can your entire life change in a week and leave you with an out of body, completely stunned feeling?

It appears so.

How can I begin to describe my experience at this year’s Burning Man?

A few people have asked and all I can manage to do is take a deep breath in, feel my heart beating rapidly, eyes widening, and my face breaking into an enormous smile as I say the word “UNBELIEVEABLE.”

Of course that word doesn’t even begin to encapsulate it.

Even if I described every single story in detail, every moment I could possibly remember, it simply wouldn’t be enough. It wouldn’t give you the feeling that I have deep inside my heart. You couldn’t inhale the density of the dust, or taste the mintiest most refreshing DeMentha mojito, or feel that senseless freedom of howling and exploring the circus of the night. And you likely wouldn’t believe many of my stories either…even I can’t help but question if it was all a dream…

Imagine, a desert goddess with the most penetrating ocean blue eyes you’ve ever seen approaching you at sunrise and whispering in your ear a secret, that the word STILL is somehow, magically written in the grooves in the eastern mountain range. The “I” you see there, it’s a waterfall. You can’t believe it. Was it made that way? Was it natural? Was it supernatural? But you don’t ask these questions out loud, you don’t take pictures to “prove” it exists, you just feel it, the gratitude, the magnitude, and the gift.

A triple lotus inception in the majestic Lotus Temple….

Imagine a being, multi-colored, fuzzy on the outside, black leather cat suit on the inside, transfixed by a breath-taking Lotus Temple surrounded by floating lanterns. You watch as this playful being, balances on a steep incline in lotus position. She is known by the tribe as Lotus and she is in the midst of one of the best nights of her life. You soak in her impenetrable state of AWE.

A gypsy queen and her band of pirates wakes you up at dawn for a once-in-a-lifetime Disco Knights dance party…

Imagine, hundreds have gathered to feast on the sun. Underneath disco balls and orbs of light, you are FREE. You dance like you’ve never danced before. You climb a shipping container to get a better view only to meet the Ring Leader of the Glitteratti…you laugh a full body, mind, spirit laugh and then you turn around to see two wild baby twin lions and just when you think you can’t stand to be more amazed, your whole crew joins you to swim in this moment of complete connected and other worldly-ness.

I could go on…

But to sum it up, it was magnificently significant in the most subtle of ways.

A quote I have been meditating on comes to mind…

"When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, and it is very easy to miss it."
~ Boris Pastnernack, Poet

I almost missed this moment. I was nearly indifferent to returning to the playa this year. My first year was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I was more of an observer. A tourist, just stopping by.

Last year, Christine Lai and I had decided to go only a couple weeks before and really had no idea what we were stepping into. We saw the sights, we were physically present, but we missed the potent, ever accessible magic that transpires when your soul is fully present.

Now keeping in mind, my reflection is only one and everyone will have an experience that is totally unique.

This year, my intention was to DEEPEN.

In my journal on my flight to Vegas I wrote in more detail.

My intention for this Burn:

To deepen my understanding of what it means to be alive

To release the need to be liked and just BE my awesome self

To do things I never imagined doing

To laugh until I cry

To feel so interconnected my heart nearly explodes

To receive the full gift of being alive

To unlock more love and soul

To return clearer, bolder, stronger, fiercer and more beautiful than ever

Check, check, check.

This year I was more than an observer, I was an active participant.

I listened, I learned, I let go, I let live.

And I can’t believe I almost missed it.

I didn’t try to go, I simply expressed to the universe, if I am gifted a ticket and a camp and everything magically comes together, I’ll go.

Out of absolute, divine generosity from two AMAZING Soul Brothers, Joey Vanas and Jeremy Orion Watson, that exact magic was wielded.

Soul Fam Soul )'( 2015

Soul Fam Soul )'( 2015

And it was those two Master Chef’s and the other crucial ingredients they added [the other incredible humans they curated for the journey: Avatar, Sita, Little Deer, Miss Unicorn, Rookie of the Year, Izzy Indigo, Gregarious, Anita] that created the most incomprehensibly brilliant, awesomely delicious “Soul Fam Soup” that flowed into an even greater Carnival of Mirrors Cauldron. Every ingredient contributed to the overall flavor, something delightful for everyone.

Being back, I see that running water, home cooked meals, and instant communication are definitely part of the good life. But to me, nothing beats radical macgyvering, unbelievable serendipity, and rolling around in the dust, surrounded and fueled by the purest, highest concentration of love. I am wracking my brain ideating on how to bottle it up into a daydream, a vision or physical art piece so that I can feel and taste it whenever I want.

There’s just nothing like it.

The words of Passenger by Royals comes to mind…

Your body is the ship,

Your soul is the PASSENGER

So let me take a trip down,

Let me take a trip down to you

They say it's such a small world,

But often I feel lost & empty

They say it's such a cruel world

But one GOOD HEART is plenty!

60,000+ good hearts, open, beaming and liberated from the confinements of society, the most creative tribes and artists from around the world coming together to build their dream civilization for a week.

Imagine a new you, totally transformed, naked in your truth, crystal clear in your understanding of what it means to be alive.

Whatever extraordinary experience calls your name, knocks on the door of your life, speaks softly or loudly to your sweet soul, whether it be Burning Man or otherwise, I encourage you to listen. I encourage you to take the risk. I encourage you to go, do, be.

See the invisible, the beautiful, the inconceivable. Make an agreement with yourself and align it with the stars.

This is your one unbelievable life, live it so.

To my playa people, here is a credo shared with Vickie Lau and I during our indoctrination into Angie and the Argonauts.

An Argonaut is a person in quest of something dangerous but rewarding; an adventurer.

We the Argonauts, united in a common spirit vow to cherish the unknown, the uncertain, and the untried. Challenge darkness, dogma, and fear. Welcome the strange, the dirty, the odd.

Seek treasure, passion, and thyself.

And now you my friends, you are all Argonauts.

Until the next!

Infinite love x light,


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