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Above White Lotus Meditation Center in Ubud, Bali

Above White Lotus Meditation Center in Ubud, Bali

Above every sky is another sky.

Agus, the Balinese palm reader said to me.

You've got to be willing to let go of this Sky trusting the next will come. To me, this is not the same as the grass is always greener. It's not about comparison or ego. It's trusting that spirit is calling you forward. It's trusting that the Universe has got you, that you got you, that the energy that brought you to this special place, person, or moment will carry you to the next.

It's trusting that there is a greater plan being orchestrated and you must follow the notes of your heart song towards your next symphony. It's a reminder that playing the same tune on repeat, even if you love it more than you've loved anything before, is to stop yourself from growing.

Evolution is inevitable.

Nature knows this. Seasons change. Leaves fall. Fires blaze. Rivers flow.

This isn't some mystical poetic bs, this is that real real. To deny Mother Nature is to deny gravity. To deny Father Sky is to deny the wonder of our very existence. To deny your soul's urge is to insult the gift.

What are you afraid of that you can't overcome? Are you afraid of falling? of failing? of flying? of going too far? Yes, me too! It's fucking scary but we'll be okay and whoever and whatever we’re leaving in this Sky, will be okay too. Life has plans for them.

So what the hell are we waiting for?

Let's trust ourselves. Know ourselves. Liberate ourselves.

Accept our truth. Our whole unreasonable sometimes hard-to-look-at but powerfully beautiful honest truth.

Look in and ask yourself, if I loved myself truly and deeply, what would I do next?


With love x flight,


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Virgin Beach, Bali, Indonesia 

Virgin Beach, Bali, Indonesia