REALationships vs. Relationships

First written two years ago, February 16, 2015 and resonating once again...

I remember years ago trying to correct Max Mendoza when he would spell relationship "realationship". It is only now that I realize he was right along. Relationships seem to be about "feeling good" and once the feeling isn't rainbows, our ego's see these relationships as disposable (onto the next!).

Realationships aren't just about "feeling good". Realationships are about being real (though to be clear, real abuse in any form is intolerable, wrong, and not what constitutes a Realationship). There is goodness that will come with the realness, but when the realness spurs, rather than hiding it or ignoring it, thinking it will change in the next relationship, I've found that you must go right through it, together. From what I've seen, Realationships require patience, kindness, open minds, open hearts and a willingness to struggle through challenging conversations and situations hand in hand.

Expanding (not falling) in love is one of the greatest gifts we as humans will ever know. And now, navigating love and creating authentic connection has become easier (technology) and harder (technology) than ever.

All of this is to say, you deserve a REALationship and a HEARTner to share the beauty of life together. Someone who inspires you, challenges you, listens to you, loves you, celebrates you, accepts you, honors you, respects you, stands with you, believes in you, treasures you, learns with you, appreciates you and is committed to their own personal evolution, your evolution and the evolution of your Realationship.

Here's to what's real.