[no this is not about Star Wars…or is it?]

I get pretty sick of hearing cliches but some of them really fit what you’re going through.

Right now: "Life has a way of throwing curveballs" and "When it rains, it pours"

For the most part, I am a huge believer in being the architect of my destiny. However, today, I am reminded that life has it’s own force and for someone who is used to creating the life they love, it can be quite a surprise to realize that there is a life force that is far beyond my control. And as good as I like to think I am at willing things forward and making things happen, sometimes life is like “Nah”.

So what to do about that?
I am no expert, but one strategy I have been putting into practice that effectively integrates both life force and your force is this:

Part 1: Be willing to let it go completely. Whatever it is, a job, a relationship, anything, no matter how hard, be willing to see that releasing that thing that is “so important” is not the end of the world.

Part 2: Once you are unattached from the outcome, give it one final push from all angles. Whether it is pushing towards a goal, getting a new job, or working on a relationship, these moments call for courage and this is when character builds.

And that’s what I JUST realized this year is about. I thought it was about my health. But no, it’s a Year of Courage.

Courage to me means: Don’t take it sitting down. Forgive who you need to forgive and then fight for what you know is right. Fight for your community. Fight your family. Fight for yourself.

And may the force be with you!