Collegetown@ASU Winter Conference 2015

Collegetown@ASU Winter Conference 2015

This is a strange world we live in. One where, in a single moment, all of humanity can be both horrified [by unresolved, reactive hatred] and inspired [by selfless acts of love and kindness]. In light of recent events, I am reminded that all we truly have are the who: our relationships, the what: our experiences, and the why: our purpose[s], the message[s] we're here to deliver. 

One of the messages I am here to deliver is the power of community and human transformation. I believe that when you are surrounded by people that understand and accept the deepest parts of you and when you are given the space to be vulnerable, you are free to boldly forgive, heal, and reclaim your true, authentic self. 

One of the catalysts that created that space for me was Collegetown ASU. 

Collegetown is a diversity, social justice and student empowerment conference that happens every year at Arizona State Univeristy [and other campus']. Collegetown taught me about prejudice, privilege, gender, sexuality, violence, oppression and more. It helped me unpack burdens I had been carrying both consciously and subconsciously since as long as I can remember. It's not a competition of who's life is the hardest, it's a revelation that we each have a story to tell and a life to love. 

If you have a friend, a brother, a sister, a cousin who goes to ASU...I highly encourage you share this with them TODAY so they can apply as a Delegate for the 2016 Fall Conference Jan 6-9th. Many past-delegates like myself have found it to be life changing. This is a last call, delegate applications are due today [you can apply now and learn more/decide later].

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"The future started yesterday and we're already late." — John Legend
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