Soul Dives

These are the moments I live for…

When time stops. When space doesn’t exist.

When all that it is is “ahorita” [right now, in this very moment]

Deep in conversation, swimming in an infinity of consciousness through human connection.

This is my state of bliss.

I have been a collector for as long as I can remember. But instead of collecting the tangible, I am now collecting experiences and connections.

I treasure them.

And I have a name for them too. Someone who I have shared one of these bliss moments with, I call a “star in my constellation”.

We are all made of stars and there are moments when we allow ourselves to shine brightly, naked in our truth.

These moments, when the illusion of time and space has disappeared and we’re living in the wow, I breathe it all in and love it all out.

What is even more incredible is that I’m seeing the connection between not just my constellation but ALL of the constellations, streaming into one great cosmos of consciousness.

Thank you to each of the stars who have lit my path and who are lighting up the galaxy!

Thank you for the gift of your absolute presence.

And thank you for the opportunity to stop, give #attention and experience the wonder that is life.

∞ #alifetothemax 8 days with intention and #attention ∞