Be courageous in your intuition.

Badass Women Portraits by  Regina Felice Photography

Badass Women Portraits by Regina Felice Photography

Be courageous in your intuition. — Cosmo Fujiyama

One thing I am hearing a lot of people and especially men say is, “I want to trust my intuition more.”

I love it. I love it so much.

Your intuition contains the whisperings of your soul.

Your intuition is the you beyond what you think you know waiting to be revealed.

Your subconscious is ahead of your conscious mind and I’m sure there are moments in your life and maybe even more frequently now when you “just felt it” "had a hunch" or you “just knew” something was going to happen or was true.  And you were right.

Often we shrug these inner knowings and feelings off as “crazy” or “weird” “strange” “random” “funny” “odd” “coincidence”.

Those are safety words for what you’re really trying to describe.

Stop for a moment. What is it that you are really trying to say? How would you describe those intuitive experiences if someone were really open to hearing you, without judgment?

Would you describe it as magical? Mysterious? Awe-inspiring? Synchronistic? Synergistic? Pure Grace? Miraculous? Powerful? Divine? Unbelievable? Aligned? 

Those are just some of the ways I’ve been honoring my intuition lately. I know words won’t ever fully describe it. I know this message I am writing now is linear and what I am attempting to describe is infinite.

My sense is we are experiencing a [re]volution of collective consciousness and if you’re not woke yet, you late.

So I encourage you to rise up and be courageous in your intuition. Make space for honoring it and share that space with friends and community circles by asking, what have you experienced lately that you can't fully describe? Something powerful, mystical, magic.

Trust your inner power. It’s always been there, patiently waiting for you to listen.