Koh Phangan, Thailand via Hagai Peled

Koh Phangan, Thailand via Hagai Peled

I’m on the verge of my next big leap.

Risking leaving a good life for an unknown but potentially remarkable one.

I’m planning to spread my wings to Koh Phangan, Thailand in April for the next several months, at least until Burning Man in September.

It’s scary to leave when I’ve built such an amazing life.

When I left Phoenix for the San Francisco Bay Area three years ago, my Dad asked, “Why leave? You’ve worked so hard, built up so many relationships, you could do anything you want there, why leave?”

I couldn’t give him a reasonable answer; I just knew I had to do it.

I had to pursue that next dream. I had to take that leap of faith. And in this case, yes, I’m risking losing the life I’ve built over the last three years.

  • Risking a loving heartnership with a good man.
  • Risking a lovely little home and future together.
  • Risking a freedom-centered job that pays me to be myself.
  • Risking the relationships I’ve built in communities from SF, LV, LA, NY to PHX.

"You won’t lose what matters," you’ll say. Yes, I agree with you AND I still don’t know what the future holds. But who does?

Koh Phangan, Thailand via Soul Sista, Ann Liu

Koh Phangan, Thailand via Soul Sista, Ann Liu

I’m moving to an island I’ve spent a week in and a country I’ve spent a month in. 

And yet, I know I must go. In fact, it’s already in progress and to stop it would be like fighting gravity, swimming upstream and resisting the force of nature, my nature.

Based on the life I’ve been living and the way I've been traveling so far, many people think I’m constantly on vacation. My stepdad asked my Mom, “when is Kelsey going to stop being a gypsy?”

What I’ve learned so far is that it's less about caring what other people think or say and more about living YOUR truth. 

As my world-traveling friend, Troy says, “what’s normal for me isn’t normal for others.”

Once you accept that, you release your attachment to others opinions and you live life on your own terms.

For me, I hear the call. I’ve heard it for years and slowly but surely I am learning to slow down and listen.

I know there is a Divine power and something I can only describe as MAGIC out there. There’s a me beyond the me I know now, yearning to be cracked wide open. There's a deeper purpose and WHY.

Koh Phangan, Thailand via Soul Sista, Ann Liu

Koh Phangan, Thailand via Soul Sista, Ann Liu

Troy also said to me, “You don’t have the itch. It’s under your skin. You’re in it. It’s in you.”

And I know he’s right.

So here goes everything.

Ticket is being booked. Things are getting in order: living situation, visa, budget, health, storage, remote work schedule etc.

Final rounds are being made (NY > SF > LA > Tucson > PHX > LV? > SF)

I’m scared but I can feel the LOVE and I’m willing to be BRAVE. I must be Brave.

Thank you all for your love and support through this time of great change and GODSPEED on pursuing your dreams and callings! Let me know how I can be there for you in your journey.

With brave wings she flies,

Kelsey Lotus Wong