Stand on your own two feet.

I received a valuable lesson today.
I learned that I won't always be understood.
Musicians write songs about it, artists create art about it, and I'm just getting it now.

You see when you take the path less traveled, it won't always make sense to others.

When you lead from your clearest sense of self, not everyone will see you.

When you speak directly from your soul, not everyone will hear you.

And that's okay. They don't need to.

Wipe off this need for validation. From social media, parents, friends, colleagues, and strangers...

Stand on your own two feet.

And Reveal Yourself. Reveal who you Really are. All of you.

Take life by the wheel. Captain your ship. Architect your destiny.

You are a leader. A dreamer, a maker, a doer.
You shake the tambourine. You orchestrate the magic. You ignite the vision. You take risks. You make it happen. You grow.

And that's one other thing I'm learning:

As you adult, you become responsible for your growth. Sure, life may apply it's will and you may resist, but the world will move forward with or without your consent so you might as well use the forward momentum to your advantage.

You see I believe you can design the life you love.
I believe you can be paid tremendously well to be your self.
I believe doing good and making good are not mutually exclusive.
I believe you can make a healthy living and travel the world simultaneously, hand in hand.
I believe the Universe is invested in your success.
I believe we have everything we need to be successful and happy in life.

The key is allowing enough space from "the matrix", the monkey mind, and the ego to listen to that soft, subtle voice deep inside that truly understands you. Define success and happiness from that place then let it be your compass.

That's coming alive.
Leading from what's in your heart and what's in your spirit.
Being who you are, standing on your own two feet.
That's what matters. That's what's real.

And that's the lesson.

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