There are some dates you remember forever.

The day I met my Sally was one of them.

It was January 1, 2010 when my motley crew and I went off-roading on a deserted beach in San Carlos, Mexico. Letting loose, our fun came to a stop when we found ourselves stuck in the sand. This was the first day of the New Year, so this wasn’t a good sign. We tried over and over to push ourselves out but we had neither the strength nor the ability to get it out. With no cell service, no one around and nobody outside of us having any idea of where we were, we were distraught and close to panic. With no other choice, we started wandering the desert beach like shipwrecked young explorers looking for a savior.

After hours of search, something I can only explain as magic occurred. A large, gold Suburban rolled into the deserted beach and a couple with their dog got out. Once spotted, our entire crew ran towards them. Sally later told me she had said to her husband Jerry, “Uh-oh Jerry, who are these kids?”

We shared our predicament and Sally and Jerry kindly gave all six of us a lift back to our friend’s Dad’s house. In the car, Sally told us more about the biofeedback work she did. At the time, I was in a state of heartbreak and depression and so I knew I had to meet with her again. I asked her where she lived and she said, “I travel between California, New Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona to see my clients.” “I’m from Phoenix!” I replied.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

I have seen Sally as a client for the past seven years. Sally has become my "Soul Godmother", Spiritual Coach/Mentor and an invaluable guide through this time of incredible growth and development. I am who I am today because of her and the work she does. Because of the biofeedback work, I am able to function at a higher state of joy, compassion and love. 

When I think about the most important, most useful and most transformational tool I have learned through this life-changing experience, the immediate answer is forgiveness. Growing up, forgiveness was an abstract concept. It was something I had been told to do “Say you’re sorry” or “Forgive your sister”, but never taught how to do it, let alone practice.

It is forgiveness, coupled with blessings, which has empowered me to heal a range of personal and professional challenges, from long-term childhood traumas to every day nuisances.  I am a better person because I know how to forgive. I am a healthier, more peaceful and conscious person because I know how to forgive. I am a more loving, empathetic and caring person because I know how to forgive.

Today, I lead with my heart and I am learning to trust myself more each day. I can feel my personal evolution accelerating and I know it all started with meeting Sally that one divine day.

If your heart is asking for forgiveness or you’re desiring to heal and look within, I recommend calling Sally to learn more about her work. She’s off the grid, not working online so you’ll have to pick up the phone. Tell her Kelsey her soul god daughter sent you 😘 602-315-7096. She’s based in New Mexico but travels to California and Arizona to see clients, she can also do remote sessions, which is what I do as I travel. 

all my love,

kelsey lotus