What's your ritual?

3:1 Ritual.
For my creative and often over-analyzing mind, I find I need something to bring closure to the day.

For the past year, I've done variations of this practice with Feliciano Vera and I find it's an easy way to reflect, relive, and celebrate the unique goodness that each day (even the wildest or most challenging ones) bring. It's great to practice with someone as well, your partner, your best friend, your journal, your source...

It started with Top 3. What are your top 3 moments or highlights of the day? Big or small, what made today great?

That evolved to 3 Gratitudes and 1 Courageous Act. What are 3 things you are grateful for today? And what is 1 action that took you out of your comfort zone?

And presently, 3 Gratitudes and 1 Courageous ask. Where we humbly, yet directly ask the Universe for something specific...family support, an opportunity, a check to come in the mail. Whatever it is that would make a big difference, sometimes you just have to ask.

I share this because it has brought such contentment and completion to my days. Each day is recognized and appreciated. Each day is Whole. Nothing else to think about and nothing else to do, simply ease into the night with 1,2,3.

What's your ritual?