​What is the meaning of YOUR life?

What is the meaning of YOUR life?

Not the meaning OF life, the meaning of YOUR life.

A friend recently asked me this question and with almost no hesitation I surprised myself by stating so clearly, “the meaning of my life is to love as much as possible.”

To unlock as many doors to my heart, remove as many barriers to my light, and heal as many wounds of my soul so that I may RADIATE and share that love with others.

I want to be a beam that isn’t afraid to love you.

I want to be a shooting star that pierces society's sky.

I want to bring hope and goodness to the world by being myself.

A mentor recently shared with me a prayer she does before big presentations or whenever she’s in need.

Dear Universe, thank you for this moment and this life. May I be a vessel of your light and love. May my thoughts be your thoughts, my words be your words, and my actions be your actions.

I have called on this sacred prayer in times of nervousness or anxiety. Such as before presenting or walking into a big room or stepping into a courageous conversation.

What rituals do you use that allow you to be who you need to be – or that allow you to be who you really are? 

How do you unlock the doors and remove the barriers to let your light in and out? 

Our society has conditioned us to be productive. But what are we producing? We measure our country’s success in GDP, our company’s success in it's IPO, and our own success in our bank accounts, but time and time again wisdom reminds us that this is not what matters. 

At Burning Man, you don’t use money. Yes, people spend money prior to joining the experience because that is how the outside world functions. But when there, your currency is your light, your love, your energy, your spirit, and your gifts. And you share it out of your own hearts desire, not for financial gain.

Greed, power, success, it all evaporates out there on the playa.

And the playa is just one magical place that this intention lives. Yes, the desert itself is special. But what is built and given there is a physical manifestation of what’s already within us. It’s a reflection, which means it’s ever present.

That does not mean ignoring the reality that to thrive in this current paradigm, financial health isn't useful or important. But we must remember it is all energy, which means our energy is valuable.

“Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”  ― M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, and Spiritual Growth

With that, I encourage you to take a moment to ask yourself, what is the meaning of MY life? What value am I bringing to the world? Where can I best devote my energy? Who am I being called to be? What is deep within me that yearns to come out?

You have a choice each day in who you will be and how you will show up.

You are a gift.

Share it wisely.

With fiery light x love,