#ImwithHer were the last words I wrote in my journal before bed last night.

I woke up to a day I never thought would come. 

My phone was on airplane mode and before I turned it on, I did some yoga and prayed for Hillary and our country. I opened my phone to a text from an Australian friend offering his condolences on this “Dark Day”.

What does he mean, “Dark Day”? 

I looked at the NY Times app. 

NO fucking WAY. 

The Empire Strikes Back.
The Ego rears it’s ugly, loud, angry head.
The entire world in a state of shock.

How could this happen?

We all thought electing Hillary was a challenge but a shoe-in. What happened?! 

Shock. Fear. WTF??!! Disbelief. Alarms.

I called my Spiritual Health Coach, Sally.

She listened to me. She calmed me. She reminded me to Be Brave. She reminded me to WAKE UP and get back to our country’s values, our constitution, our rights, and our systems. She said it’s not that they don’t work, it’s that they’ve been violated.

She’s right.


The preamble of the Constitution writes, "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Our citizens and politicians are divided on or have completely forgotten the Constitution's meaning. We face an ugly truth.

But I believe that to truly connect with our humanity and our wholeness we must embrace the ego and the shadow or at least fully recognize them for what they are.

In recognizing it rather than running away from it, we have the opportunity to do something about it. 

If there is no significant problem, there is no significant change needed. 

If there is one thing Americans can agree on at this time, it’s that they want change.

Part of that may be attributed to a lack of gratitude and presence or a disproportionate amount of power and privilege, which breeds a scarcity mindset and insatiable greed. 

The other part is that there is a need for transformation. 

Our values have been violated. Many of our most vital systems are dysfunctional. From education, to healthcare, immigration, incarceration, we see there is an abundance of cracks.

America has over-indulged on the wrong things and has become lazy, and egocentric. We have ego's for a reason, to be protectors but right now, America's ego is in the control room and it is LOUD and scared of it’s own white male fragility, so it’s warping itself into hate and spewing fear. 

With that, our psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual safety is at risk.

And while we don't yet know which of Trump’s lies he’ll act on, we know we have a problem. And in my opinion, it’s not about where on this polarized spectrum you fall; the reality is that there is a stark division and enormous distrust.

Which means, we have work to do. 

So what can you do?

I am certain you have all of your own answers. And if you don’t yet, be still, listen to that soft subtle voice, it will come. 

And when it does, I urge you to listen intently and answer the call. 

For me, it starts first with feeling all of this. My heart is in pain, my hips hurt from bearing this reality, I am sick to my stomach, I am in tears. It rained yesterday and I could feel the despair and weeping.

I am also committed to having more courageous conversations and taking more courageous actions. I am even more dedicated to my values (freedom, harmony, and love) and purpose (to activate and develop myself and others to be emotionally intelligent, empathetic, self-aware leaders). I am committed to my own awakening. I am committed to our human evolution and to awakening our species to a new way of being. I am committed to becoming more politically aware of our constitutional rights and getting even more passionately curious about bringing people together. Understanding how we form our beliefs and how that informs our behaviors so that we are armed with awareness and can expand our capacity for positive, sustainable transformation. 


Yes, it’s scary as hell. This time is scary as hell. But I’ve studied Courage for the last year and what I’ve learned about courage is that it’s not the hero’s or heroine’s in capes on horses coming to save the day and solve all of our problems. It's nonsensical that one person could possibly represent or be responsible for the wellbeing of all of us.

The truly courageous hero's and heroine's are everyday, ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

It’s a woman who lost her daughter in a car accident with a GDL driver at the wheel (GDL stands for Graduated Driver's License and it's a step in between a Driver's Permit and License, a GDL license limits the amount of people/car.). The driver had too many people in the car. After losing her daughter, this woman courageously pursued a law for GDL drivers to have a marked sticker, which creates more awareness and safety for those in the car, other drivers, as well as police to regulate. She fought tooth and nail for this and this law has decreased deaths by tenfold in her state. 

It’s seeing a fellow student being teased and courageously standing up to the bullies. Then later finding out that same student tried committing suicide but didn’t because that someone stood up for them. That someone saw someone in need and did something about it.  

It’s a man who saw an abandoned child and took foster care classes for 3 hours a day for 2 months, during his busiest work season, so he could foster the child for 18 months before she was matched with the right family. He courageously stepped up so she wouldn’t be left behind. 

These are just three of the stories I've heard in the past few days from everyday people like you and me. And these are the small courageous moments that add up to the strength and resilience of our country and society as a whole.

Another important insight I’ve discovered about the difference between being fearlessness and courageous is that fearless people have no fear. Courageous people have fear but they do it anyway. 

They are guided by something greater than themselves. We call that vision, meaning, and purpose. 

Now let us be guided. Let us be propelled. Let us be released from societal pressure and conditioning to be the people we were born to be. Let us learn how to practice forgiveness, how to practice love, and how to practice compassion. May we recognize that vulnerability is a strength and empathy is a language. May we become the leaders we admire. 

May we be the courageous change we wish to see.
May we do the work we were born to do.
May we stop hiding who we truly and authentically are.

Reset the courage in your life and let's build a brighter future, together.