"I had the opportunity to work with Kelsey during a growing stage of our company. We needed a person who could lead, have great vision and follow through. We were so lucky to have found Kelsey. She came in, took charge and propelled us forward without fear. Very few times do you find an individual that has both the ability to dream and the ability to accomplish. She took our little business and doubled our numbers and brought new meaning to coworking culture. Kelsey has both strengths. She is an incredible partner and an incredible leader. Give her the end goal, get out of her way, and she will make it happen.

I think beyond the ability to dream and actually implement, Kelsey has this incredible skill of empathy. This skill in the workplace is often lost when companies scale. I’m not sure how she does it. I think she somehow leaves her body and is able to inhabit another humans body to digest their thoughts and then return to her body to speak words and relate to others. It’s quite magical and is what truly makes her a leader above all others. She takes on overwhelming tasks with curiosity and when faced with unsurmountable odds is able to develop a strategy to find success. She’s organized huge events with more than 700 attendees, empowered young children to build startups and has been the glue to our community. She is an asset to any team and a leader in any role she chooses to commit to."

— Jenny Poon, Founder, CO+HOOTS

You ROCK, Kels!  Thank you for your amazing connectedness, relationship-building and presence with our clients.  Your focused and deep, thoughtful communications show real caring and make the client feel like they are your/our “only” client.  This is a real talent as people in our position - coaches with the feeling of really owning our client relationship - excel when they can make each client feel that way.  I really love teaming up with you and blending our gifts and strengths.  


You are also doing a FANTASTIC job in the solution selling, solution-minded Biz Dev role. Simply stellar!! Your coaching/guiding nature along with your excellence in execution + relationship building /solution vision nature = a wonderful combination! We love you, Kelsey!

— Shereen Eltobgy, Lead Coach, Delivering Happiness


Before working with DH, working in our company for us was just a job, a fun and exciting adventure. After working with DH, we realized our callings in life, our company is a tool for us to get closer to that calling. Highlights? The 3 days of culture transformation workshops were wonderful and impactful. The willingness of the coachsultants: Ron and Kelsey to adapt the program based on our needs is incredible. The coachsultants spent whatever it took to make sure we fully understood. Lowlight? None so far. How likely is it that you would recommend Delivering Happiness to a friend or colleague? 10/10.

— Ha Va Phan, Executive Director, I Can Read Hanoi


"Kelsey is one of those rare people that naturally connects with and builds rapport with others from every walk of life. She’s able to do so, because they sense her natural empathy, warmth and optimism - creating a fertile environment for trust to grow and flourish. While doing so, she naturally encourages and motivates them to jump into their community and take action, while others simply push people to join. 

However, Kelsey doesn't do this because it's a “job” or because she’s “passionate about it” - it’s much more than that! Kelsey has innate desire and drive to help others meaningfully connect to their community, so they can make an impact on the lives of others, and ultimately their own. And in return, she feels the warmth and gratitude of those she helps. 

Most importantly though, she’s rewarded by seeing each and everyone enjoy and contribute to their community, for the greater good. This is what most naturally fuels and drives her - this is why she’s passionate about what she does. But, this is also where Kelsey will make the greatest impact on the world around her. And this is why it’s her purpose!"

— Tom McDermott, Founder, Ignite International


Regardless of the culture, industry or size – no company can afford not to hear what the DH team (Coaches - Sunny, Kelsey, Shereen, Carlos, Jenn) has to say about building a sustainable future. Period. It gives an unfair advantage to you over your competitors. We were judged so much especially by our board about this “happiness stuff". But in 31 years of business, we’ve now had our record sales year in the history of our company… so happiness works! To the ones who ask if the price was worth it, I ask back: what is the opportunity cost to you for not using happiness as a business model?” 

— Murat Ozcan, Vice President, Canpa


LOTUS, I'm thankful for that BALLE Summit refreshment table that lured you my way with a bowl of buttery air. Your presence demanded attention. Well at least, I know it demanded mine. I've never really been one for small talk, but talking with you made me feel like extending the Summit, just so we could run into each other again. You have a radiance that shines through your personality. It's energetic. Yet calming. Disruptive. Inspiring. Intriguing. Necessary. Obviously so much more. I got all of that from the extremely brief encounters we had. I'm looking forward to the day, I'm granted future opportunities to know more about you. In that moment, I wanted a refresher. Unexpectedly, it came in the form of a woman whose name was changed to Lotus. Thank you for the popcorn induced introduction. It was my pleasure meeting you.

— Ivory Cancer, Higher Purpose Co.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Kelsey at Delivering Happiness where she touched multiple areas from marketing to events to strategy to community building, which is her true passion and it shows. She loves people and bringing like minded people together, creating communities effortlessly. We worked together on a webinar; Business Case for Culture of Happiness. It took 3 weeks to produce and had 500+ attendees. Kelsey always stayed on top of the project and had great attention to detail.
She is passionate, inspiring, very efficient, and gets things done. Kelsey sprinkles a little magic on all interactions and is an overall great person to work with. I am very much looking forward to working with her again in the future!"

— Fadhly Bey, Chief Pixelator, Delivering Happiness


“Thanks to DH Team (Jenn, Shereen Kelsey, and Christine) who packed the house on BOTH their "Building a Culture for Profit and Purpose" sessions at Inc.5000, they won the hearts of everyone who attended the workshops. Not mention winning the hearts of everyone on the Inc. staff.” 

— Eric Shurenberg, President and Editor-in-Chief, Inc.


"Kelsey is nothing short of incredible. 

She creates with her heart - she is passionate about all she does. 

She inspires with her vision - nothing is impossible for her. 

She executes with her tenacity - if she wants to do it, it'll get done. 
Kelsey lives with intention, and brings positivity to those she works with. 

She's is one of those people that will be successful, no matter where she goes. If you're looking for a team-player who can create, inspire, and execute, I fully recommend her for any adventure she decides to partake in."

— Blaine Light, Head of Driver Operations, UBER


 "The Culture Team session facilitated by Ron, Shereen, and Kelsey was inspiring and made me realize how important culture is in the workplace and that it can be achieved. The facilitators were very open and engaging. It was definitely not your typical training. The day flew! What I enjoyed most was that the facilitators provided guidance not only on what a better culture should look like but how to build that from the inside out. I loved how they took something as intangible as values and turned them into agreed-upon concrete actions. I would definitely recommend this Culture Team session to anyone interested in making their workplace feel like home. Having guidance here is essential."

— Kim Bustamante and Culture Team, WISS

"I am writing this recommendation for Kelsey Wong because she innately embodies the characteristics within passionate leadership, successful project development and creating a vision. Kelsey and I worked with one another through CO-OP Phoenix, and, in that time it was effortless and transparent to witness the vision she created and the fiery passion that leads her to the success of such projects and events. The amount of ideas and creativity that pours from Kelsey is never ending. Not only does Kelsey possess a unique and creative aspect of project development, but she has the skill set required to put her creative ideas and thoughts into influential and successful events. Whether it is creating a vision, program/project logistics or event management, Kelsey will assuredly put her heart and soul into it and ultimately it will show. Kelsey is one of a kind when it comes to putting her vision into action and she is someone who I look up to and foresee continuing to make a name for herself throughout her bright and long-lived future."

— Jake Teskey, Founding Member, CO-OP Phoenix


"I have had the delighted opportunity to work with Kelsey in a number of different arenas. Personally I believe the leadership qualities that distinguish Kelsey include a true sense of commitment and service to others, a willingness to volunteer and “do work” without thought of reward, follow through on commitments, time and project management skills, a true willingness to listen and understand, humility, modesty, and groundedness, and a most genuinely wonderful character. Kelsey has a level of commitment that is a true inspiration and motivation to others. This combined with her leadership capacity, engaging personality, good humor, and exceptionally pleasant demeanor, makes Kelsey someone that you have to surround yourself around. 

Kelsey is an outstanding person with great potential in everything she does. She has the determination to contribute and serve others over her lifetime, and it is without condition that I fully recommend her for any position she seeks to contribute her skills towards."

 — Jevin Hodge,  Vice Executive Director, The Manifesto Project


“What an amazing workshop on Higher Purpose facilitated by Brad Wolfe and Kelsey Wong. I’m still processing everything I learned from the Culture Builder Bootcamp, but I feel far better prepared to take our conscious culture creation to the next level.”

– Karin Bauer, Board Member, FEM, Inc.


"There are really only a few things I can say about Kelsey:

The first is that she changes people's lives for the better. This is without question.

The second is that any company that is privy to her thoughts, directly affected by her creativity, or has earned her love in any way shape or form is about to be transformed.

The third is that she has a work ethic, passion, motivation, and thoughtfulness like none I have ever seen.

I recommend her for an organization that will give her the opportunities she deserves, if she doesn't start that company first. In anything she chooses to do, her effect will, remember my words, be remarkable. Working with her in any fashion is a privilege and a blessing both, and those who have, know this fact very well."

— Tanya Moushi, Founder,


Kelsey is one of the most organized, action-oriented collaborators I’ve had the honor of working with. Whether she is planning an event, building a team or igniting a movement, Kelsey brings an infectious enthusiasm to every project. Every time I work with her I forget that I’m working because she makes it so fun. She keeps a pulse on creative talent, and leads by celebrating each individual. Kelsey dreams big and delivers. I can’t wait to see what she implements next.

— Anna F. Miller, Video Producer & Editor


What can I say about Kelsey except, “WOW!” Kelsey is an extremely talented, thoughtful and compassionate individual that dedicates 100% of herself to her passions and her work. I met Kelsey when she was the Director of Operations for CO+HOOTS, as one of the many resident companies she helped manage. She wore many hats at CO+HOOTS, including social media manager, business development rep, tenant manager, events coordinator, community outreach liaison, and day-to-day operator. I quickly realized that Kelsey was more than a director - she was a conduit by which new and sustainable ideas, relationships, programs and community change was grown. 

Kelsey had a very special skill in her ability to connect the right people with the right opportunities at the right time to produce the greatest results possible; this was true for the programs that she personally led as well as the companies she helped at CO+HOOTS. With little to nothing to gain, Kelsey was the first to contribute ideas, make introductions and volunteer her time to ensure the success of a project...and always with a big grin on her face. 

In short, Kelsey is a true servant leader who quickly and graciously turns ideas into sustainable outcomes. Kelsey not only dreams up great ideas, she motivates and builds teams to execute them; and she is always analyzing how she can do better next time. I would highly recommend Kelsey for any operational and managerial role that she pursues because I am confident in her dynamic problem solving, commitment to the cause she is working on, and desire to produce the optimal solution to benefit her community.

— Steven Thompson, General Manager, UBER