We live in a world wild with possibility. I am drawn to projects, people, and places that believe in and act from that potential.

I am on a path of discovery, weaving together my passions for social innovation, creative expression, and transformational healing.

As a Community Orchestrator and Experience Designer I love bringing people together to engage in meaningful experiences. As a Culture Consultant, I work globally with teams to develop values-based, purpose-driven, emotionally-intelligent organizations with humanity at the center.

Beyond the outer work, I believe the real work is the inner work. I see myself as a Soul Diver, Heart Opener, and Student of Life on a journey of self-illumination. Over the last eight years, I have immersed myself in a range of experiential learning studies from ancient indigenous and shamanic wisdom teachings to futurist social innovation and global leadership intensives. 

Aristotle defines generosity as the right gift at the right time to the right person. I believe my purpose is to be an instrument of generosity helping people expand their capacity to love.  

My vision is for all beings to THRIVE in a world of wholeness where we are free to love courageously and coexist abundantly.

Learn more about the WORK I do, the TRIBE I serve, and the SOUL at the steering wheel.

With gratitude & grace,

Kelsey Lotus Wong